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Kiss dental cavities and gum disease goodbye

Designed and created by a dentist who saw the need to help his patients achieve better oral hygiene and mouthcare, Simplyteeth brushes was created. The aim...simple... to make it easy and cheaper for everyone to have better oral health. Dental decay and gum disease is very common and a slip in oral hygiene habits can lead to these problems very quickly. Now there is a solution. Aswel as regular dental visits, dentists and hygienists are recommending our subscription packs. They start from just 9.99 a month, which give you all the basics of looking after your teeth to a decent standard.

Reduce harmful bacteria

There are upto 20million different types of bacteria that can reside on your toothbrush . Its important to regularly change brush heads. Can you imagine using the same ear bud for 30 days? Can you imagine blowing your nose into the same tissue twice a day? So why do we accept placing the same bristles in our mouths for 30 days at least twice a day?

Change your brush heads frequently

With a simplyteeth brushes subscription we aim to ensure your brush gets changed monthly. We are currently working on a completely bioderadable brush head with biodegradable bristles which will eventually be replaced with every brush and will be much kinder to the planet.

Simplyteeth Brushes Features

Check out what our electric brush can do, here are its features.

5 Brushing Modes

Lifetime warranty

Upto 30 days charge

Sleek design

App connected

simply teeth brushes electric brush

New brush head monthly

Low battery indicator

Mint toothpaste with mint floss

Bluetooth connectivity

Why Choose Us

Say hello to a healthier, brighter smile in 3 simple steps

Travel Friendly Design

With a sleek design and sleek packaging take the brush anywhere with you in comfort

Dentist Approved

Designed by a dentist all our products have been thoroughly tested for the best oral hygiene results everytime

40,000 Sonic Pulses

Upto 40000 brush strokes per minute, with sonic power, get that amazing clean feeling at all times.

Brand New Premium Head

Every month we supply you with a brand new premium head with dupont bristles.

Cancel Anytime

No hassle to cancel your subscription at anytime.

Trusted By Many People

Our electric brushes come with a lifetime warranty as long as you are subscribed.

See what people are saying

Say hello to a healthier, brighter smile in 3 simple steps

I've been using the brush now for a few months, I must say the app is amazing. I've just bought one for my kids.

Mrs H hunter

Using the electric version for a month, takes a bit of getting use to but gums don't bleed as much as they use to.

Mr G O'leary

Our Perfect Packages

Whether you use a manual brush or prefer electric we have the package for you. All come with floss and toothpaste as standard so that you have all you need to not only maintain, but improve your oral health.

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