SimplyTeeth Electric Brush

Five Brushing

This brush has 5 superb cleaning settings with up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute.

App Connected
Brushing Assistant

The cleverly designed mobile app shows you just where you are or aren't brushing well.

Dentist Approved

Designed by a dentist, this 5 option multi-cleaning toothbrush cleans, whitens and massages teeth and gums.

Sleek Design

The solid sleek design of the SimplyTeeth Sonic Toothbrush makes it easy to handle and change settings during brushing.

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We offer a convenient way of ensuring our customers and patients look after their dental health by providing a subscription service which they can opt into. With this, they get a new brush head, and flossd and toothpaste delivered monthly to them at a very reasonable price. Our app keep a history of brushing and reminds customers when they need to brush, and also will aid in improving their brushing technique. We also offer a biodegradable manual brush which can be purchased from our site with floss and toothpaste. The brush is made from Bamboo.

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White Sonic Toothbrush

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Black Sonic Toothbrush

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What our clients are
  • I've been using the electric brush now for a few months, it has some amazing features. The app tells me where i am brushing, and when i haven't brushed properly. My teeth feel great and clean and my bleeding gums have decreased.

    Kyle Demayo

  • The design is sleek, and the brush just feels nice to hold and keep charge for a very long time.

    Delila Rayam

  • This is a simple yet sophisticated brush that won't break the bank and does what it says on the pack. Would highly recommend.

    Terrilyn Werme